MiQ Partners: Leveraging Best-In-Class Automation Design To Improve Manufacturing Efficiencies

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 Olaf Tessarzyk, CEO, MiQ Partners Olaf Tessarzyk, CEO
As the old saying goes, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” Converting a great idea into reality requires not just the investment of time and money but also deep expertise for adopting a comprehensive strategy to bring a product to market faster than competitors. In this regard, automation has undeniably been a major driving factor, enabling companies to accelerate production, drive higher ROI, and achieve their shareholder goals. However, with the ever-increasing adoption of robotics and automation to streamline production processes, companies need a reliable partner that can guide them in all aspects of manufacturing.

This is where MiQ Partners—a leading automation company known for its manufacturing intelligence—excels. As experts in automation, MiQ Partners’ engineers leverage over 70 years of engineering and design expertise to serve as a trusted, preferred partner for solving complex assembly and packaging problems and increasing overall efficiencies for many leading global brands across industries, primarily life science (ISO 13485 med devices certified) and industrial automation.

In 2019, when two leading legacy firms, Cincinnati’s TSS Technologies and San Diego’s R&3D, were acquired by Resilience Capital Partners, they were integrated and rebranded as MiQ Partners. Today, the company delivers intelligent fabrication, automation, and assembly technology to some of the world’s largest manufacturers in the aerospace, consumer-packaged goods, and industrial markets, with a specialized focus on the life sciences and medical devices space. To ensure that all its machines meet regulatory requirements and FDA’s stringent guidelines for the medical and life sciences industry, MiQ Partners leverages exacting automation tools for assembly and testing.

MiQ Partners has been instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping manufacturers of diagnostic kits to meet the unprecedented and still increasing need for producing diagnostic test kits quickly. Fuelled by the global crisis, the life sciences industry has been embracing industrial automation to improve patient convenience. “As experts in the industry, we became one of the dominant players by helping clients expedite the manufacturing and assembling of their COVID-19 test kits as well as other drug test kits,” states Olaf Tessarzyk, CEO of MiQ Partners.
In addition to its Ohio based 100,000sqft facility, MiQ Partners also has a manufacturing campus totaling 37,000sqft in Carlsbad, California. “Being within close proximity of their automation partners has always been something that customers appreciate. Our facility in Carlsbad is in the heart of a burgeoning life sciences industry and we are pleased to be able to serve companies with immediacy and convenience,” says Tessarzyk. “Our expertise in engineering complex and reliable automation solutions is helping clients while increasing their profit margins and speed to market. These outcomes are paired with a good cause, especially life sciences, which help make peoples’ lives easier. This is our ultimate goal,” he adds.

Our expertise in engineering complex and reliable automation solutions is helping clients while increasing their profit margins and speed to market. These outcomes are paired with a good cause, especially life sciences, which help make peoples’ lives easier. This is our ultimate goal

Converting clients’ manufacturing ideas into reality, MiQ Partners first helps clients develop a process and then builds automation around it, beginning with startup manufacturing, followed by fully-blown high volume automation systems. “We lead customers from the inception of an idea to IPO—as partners,” asserts Tessarzyk. Over the years, MiQ Partners has brought several ideas to fruition and helped clients realize their production goals. In one such scenario, the company helped a client build a device focused on redefining the convenience of treatment for cancer patients who require drug administration over a period of four to six hours. MiQ Partners breathed life into the client’s idea and developed a manufacturing system to produce devices that people could wear to administer medicine automatically. By building automation systems, MiQ Partners was able to help the customer with rapid, high-volume production of the device. Awaiting FDA approval, this device can be utilized for self-administration in chemotherapy, taking away the need for patients to visit hospitals for infusions.

Being ISO 13485:2016, A9100D, and NADCAP certified, MiQ Partners not only helps clients with prototype production in its facilities but also assists them in receiving FDA approval before they move into their facility. “In one instance, we relocated a piece of machinery 40 feet long and 60 feet wide from our facility to the client’s facility and successfully handled the disassembly, reassembly, startup and final acceptance run within 24 hours,” recalls Tessarzyk.
This is but one instance that exemplifies MiQ Partners’ ability to quickly scale its operations based on client needs.

MiQ Partners works closely with clients on every project, right from problem-solving and design concept to machine build and installation, with comprehensive support and customer care throughout. “We diligently work with our customers to develop a lot of intelligent ideas together. We are involved in the project from the get-go, developing the most suitable process for the client by bringing the intelligence and the manufacturing know-how to the next level through collaboration with our expert teams,” explains Tessarzyk.

True to its name, MiQ Partners aims to build enduring partnerships not only with its suppliers and customers but also its employees to build a truly cooperative team. MiQ Partners seeks out the best talent in engineering, operations, project management and builds multi-disciplinary teams that collaborate to design, assemble, and test products as well as perform final acceptance tests and prototype manufacturing for customers who need to get FDA approval. Apart from its expert team, the company’s biggest differentiator is its ability to accurately and quickly deliver on client expectations for timelines and reliable quality. These are just a few of the reasons MiQ secures repeat business and long-term clients across industries and locations.

Steering ahead, MiQ Partners aims to continue helping its clients ride the automation tide in the life sciences and medical device industry. “We have recently expanded our facility in Carlsbad and looking at more growth in Southwest California to help our customers excel in the growing life sciences market,” notes Tessarzyk.
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